LED Strip and Panel Lighting by Havit Commercial. Interior shot of an RSL. Rectangular tables, with 6 diamond cross stiched emerald leather wrapped chairs surrounding them. Vibrant and bright atmosphere, with plants hanging from the ceiling and planted in the middle pillar.

Haig Rd - Auchenflower 

Auchenflower - QLD
February 2024

The Haig Road Project marks a captivating renovation, focusing on the rejuvenation of the back part of an aging home.

Havit's role in this transformation was pivotal, providing sophisticated lighting solutions to seamlessly blend modernity with the timeless charm of the existing structure.

Pendant Lighting by Havit Commercial, Track Lighting by Havit Commercial, DALI Dimmable Downlights by Havit Commercial

Here’s what OH Architecture had to say about this project:

"Haig Road stands out as one of our most exceptional commissions to date, involving the meticulous restoration and extension of a character home. The outcome is a minimal contemporary addition with a modern open plan design, allowing the connection between the inside and out to seamlessly disappear. This home blends sturdy, finely detailed traditional character with enduring contemporary design, ensuring a seamless integration of both elements while appropriately honouring their distinct qualities."

Commercial-grade Pendants and Track Lighting fixtures not only complemented the overall design but also added a layer of robust functionality to the renovated space, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Downlights, Track Lighting & Circa Pendant from Commercial by Havit.

Interior shot of RSL's hallway. Down Lights by Havit Commercial illuminating the bar stools. Commercial Havit Strip Lighting under the bar is also visible

The Haig Road Project stands as a shining example of the successful integration of Havit Group’s products in a renovation context. By focusing on elegance, functionality, and quality, Havit's contributions have redefined the ambiance of this transformed space, emphasizing the brand's commitment to innovation in the realm of lighting design.

Products used



Product Codes:


HV5825T-BLK, HV5842S-BLK, HV5514T-WHT, HV3658T-BLK-RND, HV3205T-WHT-12V, HV5513T-BLK, HV5898T-BLK, HV3593T-WHT, HV3593-BLK, HV1429T-24W, HV1427T-SSBLK, HV1427T, HV9791-IP67-140-3K, HV9723-IP20-120-3K, 


HCP-81320113, HCP-642130, HCP-1020901, HCP-102130

ELECTRICIAN: Brian Rosiak – Absolute Electrical & Air

ARCHITECT: OH Architecture – Brisbane, QLD

BUILDER: Sam Wormell - Fiddlers Green Construction, Toowoomba, QLD